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Lasting Impact Church
A great small church family in Griffin

Lasting Impact Youth & Young Adults 
Are you searching for hope, significance, answers, or support?
Do you want to find a place where you are needed and feel like you belong? This is a place where you won't be judged or looked down on!
Lasting  Impact Student & Young Adult Ministry is the place for you! Come find answers, hope, and significance!
  • Relevant conversations that will touch on issues you face often
  • Authentic Atmosphere
  • Unconditional Love and Respect!

Teenage & young adult years can be some of the toughest. At Lasting Impact, we want to help you discover hope as you develop a strong Christ-like character that will help you be secure in yourself.
Come be a part of a community of young people where you will be needed and feel as if you belong!
Lasting Impact is an imperfect but genuine, no pressure but supportive small church family. We’re here to help you find real solutions, hope, and enduring freedom through the life-changing power of Christ.
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