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Lasting Impact Church
A great small church family in Griffin

Lasting Impact Church: Helping You Reach Your Full Potential
The Lasting Impact Church family wants to see you succeed. We love helping men and women reach their full potential.We have mentoring available and can help you formulate a life plan that will help you reach your goals.

We would love to help you with:
  • Discover Your Gifts
  • Leadership Development
  • Opportunities to use your gifts and talents

Small groups meet at various times and locations throughout the week. They are a great way to be encouraged, grow, and get to know our church family.  
Lasting Impact is an imperfect but genuine, no pressure but supportive small church family. We’re here to help you find real solutions, hope, and freedom through the life-changing power of Jesus Christ.

What to Expect When You Visit
When you arrive at Lasting Impact, you will notice that people are welcoming, dressed casual, and are very at ease. We offer separate services for children and the youth every Sunday morning. However, older kids and youth are with us during the worship portion. After the music is over,  the youth go into the youth room and children go to children's church and are taught the Word of God in relevant and exciting ways. The worship music is modern and inspiring and the messages are relevant and help you find solutions and discover God in greater ways.
A nursery is available for your smaller children with an 
adjoining  mommy's (or daddy's) room.  A live video of the service is played in the mommy's room for parents of smaller children whose children are a little shy of going to the nursery without you.  
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