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   How We Can Help:​​​​
Drug With Addictions:sA  
If you are tired of struggling and repeating the cycle of addiction we can help. There are several men and women in the Lasting Impact Church family that overcome many kinds of drug addictions. They have found permanent freedom through the life-changing power of Jesus Christ and a very supportive church family.  We would love the opportunity to stand beside you through your journey to freedom. Lasting Impact is the initial phases of beginning a program called StopNStart. We will help people stop doing things that are causing them in trouble and keeps them addicted and start habits that will better themselves and their future. 


Don't Get Stoned at Church

When Facing Divorce:
I have been divorced; therefore, I am very familiar with its ongoing effects. I have also experienced the challenges and blessings of blending a family. Other men and women in our church family have too.  We would love to help you no matter what stage you are at. We hope you know that no matter what or where you are there is always hope. There is hope for a person that has been divorced and there is hope if you are married and facing divorce. Come to Lasting Impact Church in Griffin and experience the hope that so many of us have experienced.
At Lasting Impact Church, we love to help families  become  (or remain) strong and healthy. There is a real enemy seeking to destroy families but there is strength in numbers. That is why we would love for your family to become a part of our church family.  We are stronger together than we are apart.
 "But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.” - Joshua 24:15
Doubts About God, the Church and/or the Bible
I (Scott, the pastor), know what it is like to doubt the Christians, the church, God, the Bible, and religion. Sadly, a few Christians gave me a good reason to not like Christians and doubt the faith. I have wrestled with the same doubts as a lot of people do. I was a huge skeptic. I would love to share my experience and eventually I learned how to prove God's existence and the Bible's reliability. The greatest day of my life is when I discovered the truth. I would love to show you what I discovered in a no pressure and a " you will still be my friend even if you do not embrace my faith" kind of way. 
Sometimes, you cannot explain it, you have to experience it yourself.

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